Living in another place.

Under the gray sky, we saw snow capping the high mountain, and many smokes curling from the valley. The frozen flowing water became silent, calmly took away the noise and glitz in the world. On the foot of the hill, withered tree trembled in the bleak winter, and opened its strong branches to the cold air. It was like an old men of wide knowledge and experience, he had created an empire legend, but couldn’t escape fading into the history. Although his skinny body with years rolled away, he was still strong to fight for his life. I was shocked to feel the power of its strength to conquer the universe.

Suddenly, I felt something different stirring inside the picture with a wonderful change. All of the color became visible, forming the image of a beautiful lady whose curled hair was styled into an elegant up-sweep, and revealed a shiny forehead. She used a peacock feathers fan to hide her face. As our eyes scanned different parts of the portrait, her smile seemed to fade in and out like Mona Lisa’ smile. Or she had great sorrow, and she did not want you to see her sad face. Anyway, her mysterious illusion was enough to touch my imagination to guess her nobility origin. It was first time for me to watch the photo in this way, felt the beauty of nature of such a change in the rhythm of fascinated color.

 The world is in this way; looking at the same thing from another angle, usually get our feelings changed. No boundaries, no painstaking, the time seems slowing down, the space seems narrowing, all we should do is just use simply trust to find a way there by using our own intuition to feel the art.

Fortunately, it was my honor to meet the author Antonin. He affectionately told me that this photo was composed of two parts: the maple in his French garden and Chinese ink painting.  A Frenchman living in China, he had his own nostalgia, but he recorded his memory with the camera to release his missing feelings. To French and Chinese culture, this element exerts a subtle specifically applies to the photo, can be seen in the production aspects of the study of Chinese customs. Finally, a magical chemical reaction happened, and a wonderful image directly displayed in his studio.

Possibly, everyone has two worlds, a naked real world, and a imaginary fantasy world. We just know that life is elsewhere, it is in a place, which is distinct from real life, which is seemingly far away, but it is actually right before your eyes. Hope you and me could find a right and comfortable position in the fickle world. Also, wish you and me could lucky to gain a perfect spiritual state , no longer living in another place.

This article is to record my purchase of Antonin’s art work “living in another place”. Meanwhile, to celebrate my first art collection.










Branch #1, 120x80cm, 2015